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Heart of Networking Third Edition

The Heart of Networking Third Edition

The Heart of Networking Third Edition

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The Third Edition of The Heart of Networking by Ricky Steele is now available.

In practical, straightforward, real-world language, this new edition of The Heart of Networking, digs deeper into the principles of the first two editions to reveal more insider knowledge and secrets of building your own business network. In this newest book, Steele shares painful personal stories of great loss in his family and how that affected his life both professionally and personally.

            The Heart of Networking, Third Edition is a blueprint for business life, and while it requires a lifetime commitment to an ethic of service and excellence, the networking system offered here also pays immediate dividends. In twelve concise and candid chapters, The Heart of Networking presents Ricky Steele’s own remarkable story and tells you step by step--

  • How to get your reality ready for you
  • How to make those first all-important networking connections
  • How to create a savvy networking strategy and deploy effective networking tactics
  • How to overcome resistance in others
  • How to invest in networking
  • How to use the right social media networking tools effectively
  • How to combine the power of social media with in-person networking
  • How to make the most of networking events
  • How to take ownership of your networking contacts
  • How to reach the people with the power to do business with you


The Epilogue, which concludes the book, is a revealing look at a philosophy of networking that is also a plan for life:

  • How to win friends, not arguments
  • How to change lives through networking
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